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The Master by Kresley Cole

The Master (The Game Maker Series) - Kresley Cole
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PJV Quickie: Kresley Cole has a gift for storytelling – whether it’s young adult fantasy, paranormal or historical romance, or an erotic contemporary romance featuring Russian Mafia heroes, you know it’s going to be good. And The Master is good. Really good. As soon as I finished the last page of The Professional I have been waiting for The Master – Kresley Cole has rewarded my patience.



Catarina “Cat” Marin is a woman who is running from her past. She’s got a list of six rules to live by that keep her safe. The most important rule: Stay in one place no longer than six months. Her six months in Miami is almost up and she doesn’t have enough cash to leave, so in desperation she agrees to fill in for her sick friend – as an escort - one night only and then she’ll have enough money to leave.


Maksimilian “Maksim” Sevastyan is a politician in his home country of Russia who also has ties with the Russian mob. (His brother is Aleksandr from the first book in the series, The Professional) He’s in Miami on business and has hired an escort for the evening – he’s requested the same type he always asks for: tall, blonde, submissive. What he gets is a fiery Latina who challenges him at every turn and surprises him when he realizes he wants to see her again.


When Maksim makes Cat an offer she (literally) can’t refuse, she knows it’s going to force her to break more than one of her rules, but he makes her feel safe and that’s something she hasn’t felt in a long time. Maksim wants to know her secrets, but keeping her secrets is what’s kept her alive…



Let me start off by saying that The Master should be sold as a ‘combo pack’: a copy of the book and an insulated cup to ensure you have a cold beverage nearby while you’re reading. (Seriously, Gallery Books, design a cool ‘Game Makers’ cup and I’ll buy it) Kresley Cole’s Game Maker series is, for me, pure escapist reading. I know I shouldn’t be lusting over mafia killers, but I just can’t help it – Maksim is so male, so alpha, so sexy! He’s the ice to Cat’s fire and when they get together I’m the one who melts.


Be forewarned, there is a LOT of sex in The Master. But believe it or not it moves the plot forward: these two spend a lot of time together and the intimacies they show slowly bring their characters closer together. That being said, there’s more to it than just sex: throughout the story we get glimpses into Cat’s past and that kept me wondering what was going to happen to her and how she was going to get out of her situation and maybe stop running, because I knew there was no way she and Maksim could have a HEA with all those threads left dangling…and these two NEED an HEA together.


If you haven’t read the first book, The Professional, then you’ll be surprised by Maksim’s childhood; once you read about his childhood you will immediately see him as a more sympathetic character instead of an ice-cold killer. We also learn a bit about the third brother, Dimitri, who is the most damaged of the three brothers. I cannot wait to read his story!!!


Something else I liked about Maksim and Cat was that they both had different native languages and when they were carried away with passion (whether it be angry, frustrated, or sexual) they would blurt out things in their native language. And there is a LOT of passion between them. Every time she calls him “Ruso” (“Russian”) and he calls her "Katya", I can hear it in their sexy accents and I melt.



If you like erotica and romance, or elements of suspense, kidnapping, and a hint of mafia life, I would definitely recommend The Master. If you’ve read and enjoyed other books by Kresley Cole but want something with a little more ‘fire’, hit the 1-click button now, you won’t regret it!


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