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Ten Fingers Touching by Ellen A. Roth

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PJV Quickie: Ten Fingers Touching is a beautiful book with gorgeous illustrations on several pages that bring the story to life.  Unfortunately, the pictures were my favorite part of the book; the story was nice but didn't keep my attention and I ended up putting this book down several times before I finished.



The story begins with Good and Evil making a bet that would end with Evil's banishment from the Kingdom:


  TFT 2


If virtue exists, then nothing can come between two virgin lovers' desire for one another on their wedding night," he declared.  "Their passion will be all consuming and they will reach for each other above all else."    


Evil tricked the couple into reaching for a bewitched globe, more beautiful than anything they had seen before.  But there was still a chance for Good to triumph - if the couple had children, as long as neither child touched the globe before the second child turned 8, Good would prevail.


The story then moves to the lives of some of the residents in the Kingdom:  Princess Rosy, daughter of the King and Queen, Marianna, a maiden from the village who takes care of Princess Ruby, and Martak, who was raised in the woods near Marianna's village.  What follows is a love story, an adventure, and a battle against Evil.






When I received Ten Fingers Touching in the mail for review, I was excited - it's beautiful! The artwork is stunning and gives the story a real 'fairy tale' feel, reminiscent of when your parents would read them to you as a child.  I really wanted to love this book, unfortunately, Ten Fingers Touching was not a good fit for me.


The story is a novella, written in fairy tale form, and I think that's what doesn't work for me.  If it wasn't for the references to 'lovers' and an attempted rape scene, this book would have been perfect for a child.  There's not enough artwork for it to fall into the graphic novel category, and the story was not very in-depth because it was short, so it didn't have enough pull to make me want more.  Also, while much of the mystery was revealed, I felt like there was a big ??? as to the fate of the original lovers when the story was over.



If you enjoy historical fantasies with a touch of mythical good vs evil, you might enjoy Ten Fingers Touching.  I'd also recommend it if you like unusual or visually interesting books, it would be a beautiful conversation piece in any library.


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