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Pucked by Helena Hunting

Pucked - Helena Hunting
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PJV Quickie: Funny, sexy, and full of "did she just say that?", Pucked is a quirky comedy of nerdy proportions. While I laughed many, many times, there were a few instances where wish the author would have toned it down a bit. Overall, though, I'll be reading more by Helena Hunting.



Violet Hall has a "no more hockey players" dating rule. This rule is non-negotiable, even though she's surrounded by them on any given day:  she's an accountant who works for a PR firm specializing in sports financial management and her step-father scouts for the NHL.   Her step-brother Buck has recently been traded to the her local team, and when her mother forces her to go see one of Buck's games as a show of support, Violet plans to ditch the party early.  She doesn't expect to meet the sexy team captain, Alex Waters, and is pleasantly surprised to find that he's also smart and funny...too bad he's a player- the hockey kind and the manwhore kind.



Alex Waters loves hockey - there's nothing he wants to do more than play hockey.  He's on the cusp of finally scoring major sports endorsements that have eluded him for years, and all seems right in his world.  Then he meets Buck's step-sister, and she's funny and sexy and their chemistry together is undeniable.  He wants to spend more time together, but she's put off by his playboy reputation, one he didn't actually earn.  


An accidental one-night stand turns into something much more, and while Violet's heart is all in, her head doesn't know if she should believe Alex's words, or his reputation.




I read and enjoyed The Librarian Principle, so when Pucked came up for review I was thrilled.  Ms. Hunting writes funny, quirky, sexy characters, and to throw hockey into the mix makes this girl a happy, happy reader.


Right from the first chapter Pucked is funny: Violet's lack of brain-to-mouth filter makes for some hysterical observations.  Her quirky banter with Alex was cringeworthy at times, which made me really like her character.  And I liked Alex - I really liked Alex. You never expect a sports hero to be nerdy and awkward and I loved that he was so unsure of himself around Violet, not a testosterone-fueled caveman at all.  The sexy stuff between these two was palpable and I probably could have cooked a meal over the heat coming off the pages.


BUT... but, while the characters are fun and the sex is plentiful, (and I can't believe I'm actually saying this) I would have liked to see maybe a little less sex and little more character development.  The story was relationship-driven, so we didn't get a real feel for what these two were like when they weren't together.  Also, there were times when the writing was hysterically funny and times when it felt a bit forced- there are only so many times I can read monster cocks, beaver jokes and "jilling off" before it starts to feel a bit repetitive.


That being said, Pucked was a fun read and I am hoping that this isn't a stand-alone and that there might be more stories to follow.



If you like hockey romance and quirky, funny stories, I'd say give this one a go.  Fans of Alice Clayton and Penny Reid will appreciate the humorous aspects of this story.


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