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All I Need

All I Need - Susane Colasanti

PJV Quickie: All I Need is a snapshot of two lives where they intersect for a brief moment in time and then meet again a year later. There’s love, lust, and heartache, sprinkled with a dash of luck for good measure. And while it was a perfectly nice story, it just didn’t hook me.



Skye is 17 and wonders if she’s ever going to meet “the one”. Every year her family spends summer at the beach, and every year she vows to meet someone special. This year, at the final party of the summer, she meets him. As soon as their eyes meet, she knows he’s the one and they spend a few perfect days together before summer is over. But when he doesn’t show up on her last day, she goes home thinking she’ll never see him again – they never got the chance to exchange information before she left.


Seth has been hurt before, badly. It took him a long time to put his heart back together, and he knows it’s still got a few cracks in it. But he knows Skye is different the moment he meets her – he feels a connection he’s never felt with anyone before. But as chance would have it, he ends up missing their last day at the beach together and goes off to college without knowing how to contact her.


What happens next is a story of hope, missed opportunities, second chances, and young love.




Here’s the thing about All I Need: As I said in my PJV Quickie, it’s a perfectly nice story, but didn’t knock my socks off. To be honest, it didn’t even twist them a little. The characters were nice enough, but I didn’t feel like we ever got to know them besides what was on the surface: two average kids who met and fell in love but real life got in the way and they had obstacles to overcome.


I kind of felt like there was plenty of opportunity to delve into some of the deeper themes in new relationships, but that didn’t happen; we just kind of skimmed along without digging very deep (or at all). There was plenty of angst, but it was more like listening to your kid sister natter on about who likes who in the 6th grade and why Clarissa spent the winter dance crying in the bathroom – you listen to be polite but you don’t really care. There is also some stuff going on with Seth’s parents and with Skye’s BFFs, but it felt like ‘filler’ and was not essential to the story.


One thing I did like were all the 80′s music references and I’m curious to know if a teenager reading All I Need would get the references.


Recommendations:Fans of “first love” or “second chance” stories will enjoy All I Need.