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Beautiful Bastard

Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren

I did a joint review with Parajunkee  and these were my thoughts:


Was it like Twilight?

The only similarity I found to Twilight was the hero’s unruly hair. And maybe his brother reminded me of Emmett? That might have been because I was looking for it though. Other than that, I would have NEVER guessed this was Twilight fanfic. Even looking back now, I’m not sure who all the characters would be.


Fan of the Characters?

Chloe, the heroine, was completely unlikeable – she needed anger management classes. I found the way they got together to be completely unbelievable and for the first few pages kept hoping it was a messed-up dream she was having. I get ‘angry sex’, and strong emotions can bring out other strong emotions, but this was so far past that… maybe if the anger wasn’t so fierce I might have been able to buy it.


One thing that drove me nuts was that she charged a new shirt and panties after their first ‘incident’ but then got offended when he offered her a credit card to LaPerla. I looked up the price of their panties and unless she’s getting a 98% discount there’s no way she’s letting this guy go through her panties like that.


I guess really, I was ambivalent about Bennett. For a 'stud' he was kind of clueless. Also, we don’t ever find out why he’s so obnoxious, do we? I don’t think we do. Even his family thought he was a jerk. There was one scene (I looked but can’t find it – it was somewhere in the first 4 chapters) where he basically tells Chloe something to the effect of “this is your fault, you do this to me, you make me act like this” which made me think of abusive spouses; I was really, really uncomfortable with that passage.


Random Thoughts?

Unprotected sex with a character who’s supposed to be a 'stud'? NO WAY. One thing I was pleased about though was that no one in the book suffered from a history of sexual abuse, as seems to happen quite a bit in erotic romance lately – as if you need an excuse for kinky/dirty sex to be okay…


I’ve got to say it: I’m all for angry sex – it’s pretty hot, yeah? But I think there needs to be some sort of lead in or history before the angry sex and I just didn’t see that here. I had absolutely no affinity with the characters and that’s something you need, I think, to enjoy a book – some way to connect on a personal level with the characters, whether it be the loss of a loved one, a similar hobby, or even just living in a familiar town. I’ll admit that I liked Bennett by the end of the book but Chloe was just too unlikable.


My other thought I wanted to get across was that in reading the book it felt to me like the authors wrote a bunch of hot angry sexy scenes and then decided to try to turn them into a story; there was no real plot or story arc. Unless you count ‘sex with the boss’ as the whole plot. I just didn’t get the ‘power exchange’ subtext that you did – I mean, I know if it was a real-life situation that would be true, but I don’t think either one of these characters really cared about that part of it too much; at least, their not judging by their actions. Honestly, if she was afraid of being caught, WHY did she charge her stuff to the office credit card? Not very subtle.


The End All:

Ultimately, I’m mad I spent $15 of my $25 book budget on this.