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Accidentally on Purpose (Accidentally on Purpose, #1)

Accidentally on Purpose (Accidentally on Purpose, #1) - L.D. Davis PJV Quickie: Although I do have mixed thoughts about it, Accidentally On Purpose elicited some very strong emotions from me, and ultimately, I’m putting this one in the “recommend” column although I think there might be many who disagree. Ultimately, Accidentally On Purpose worked for me.ReviewEmmy is an office manager for a busy office, and her boss Kyle is a real jerk. She’s pretty much married to her job, so when she sees Kyle in her local bar she’s not happy – she’s trying to get over a particularly bad day at work. A few drinks later and maybe he’s not such a jerk… and then they’re sleeping together – oops. She starts to think maybe he’s not so bad; but he’s got a girlfriend that he can’t get rid of because of her connections. So Emmy starts dating Luke, an attorney who works in their building. He’s good to her and she really likes him, but she can’t seem to let go of Kyle._____________________There is no way that I can write an in-depth review of this book without giving away spoilers – with an “s”, as in “more than one spoiler”, so please forgive me for what may seem like a ‘fluff’ review but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone: Accidentally On Purpose has a few twists that really are game changers and kept me turning the pages as fast as I could. ”What’s that kids? You want dinner? Don‘t we have any leftovers?”I always laugh when I hear people use the term “it’s complicated”, but it totally applies here. I had a love/hate relationship with Emmy. You know that friend – the one who’s smart and you love her to death, but where men are concerned she’s just one bad decision after another – yeah, that’s Emmy. She’s smart on a professional level, but her personal decisions are going from bad to worse. ’Bad Decisions’ doesn’t even begin to cover it. BUT, one of the things that I liked about the story was that Emmy was able to learn from her mistakes and eventually grow into a better person… it just seemed like it took a lot longer than it should have. I should have some empathy for Emmy though, because I could feel Kyle’s charisma rolling off the pages. I liked him against my better judgement – he was cheating on his girlfriend for heaven’s sake!!And then there’s Luke. I guess you would call Luke a “beta hero”, but I really liked Luke. Again, because of spoilers, I will say only that he’s realistic – and sometimes realistic means flawed. But he’s able to take a look at things, decide what he wants and make changes, and that makes him a great hero. I was ultimately pleased with how the book ended.There were a few odd bits in the story that I couldn’t figure out why the author put them in, but if you can look past that, Accidentally On Purpose is an intense read – I thought about it for days after I finished it. At $0.99 it’s definitely worth giving it a chance. RecommendationsLet me start by saying if you don’t like stories where the hero or heroine cheat – skip this one; there’s definitely cheating going on. But, if that’s not a ‘trigger’ for you (in books, not real life!!) and you’re a fan of love triangles and stories overflowing with angst, I think you will enjoy Accidentally On Purpose.