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Bitter Blood (Morganville Vampires Series #13)

Bitter Blood - Rachel Caine 4 1/2 stars (Review originally posted at Fiction Vixen Blog: http://fictionvixen.com/guest-review-bitter-blood-by-rachel-caine/ )When we left Morganville at the end of Black Dawn, we knew the residents of this obscure little town were in for some serious changes. Bitter Blood opens a few weeks after the events in Black Dawn, and things are already happening: the human residents must register and carry their Vampire-produced IDs on them at all times, and vampires are given license to hunt. To say that the residents of Glass House (and the rest of Morganville) are unhappy is an understatement.It’s obvious that Oliver has Amelie’s ear, and that she’s listening. They’re getting rid of the humans in any decision-making capacity and replacing them with humans who will do what they’re told. It’s not safe to go out after dark, and they’ve reinstated the cage in the town square. Even Myrnin thinks things aren’t looking good for Morganville. If that’s not bad enough, neither vampires nor humans are happy about Michael and Eve’s marriage, and neither side is hesitating to show it. Threats and violence by humans and vampires alike have our gang spending more time at home, but things aren’t so great there either. Michael and Eve want alone time, and ghostly Miranda, who’s stuck in the house, wants out.Myrnin’s gone, Captain Obvious is causing trouble, and there’s a weird ghost-hunting TV team running around town looking for anything out of the ordinary *snickers* And lest you think this brief synopsis covers the whole story, you’re wrong – there is so much going on with this book!Every time I think Rachel Caine can’t top herself, she does. Bitter Blood is all I was hoping for and more. Written again in multiple POVs, the reader knows how much is at stake while the characters are completely in the dark. There were twists and turns I wasn’t expecting, and some game-changing plays I did not see coming. In addition to the town dramas, the personal relationships in Bitter Blood had me sighing, both in happiness and, at other times, sadness. Seriously, y’all, some big stuff goes down in Bitter Blood!The characters have all been growing and maturing throughout the series, and in Bitter Blood it really shows. Myrnin fans will be especially happy to know that we get some GREAT scenes from our favorite mad scientist, and a little bit of his history as well. Oliver also surprised me during his POV, maybe he’s not as much of a jerk as I thought…eh, he probably is, lol.After 13 books, I feel like I know these characters, and their triumphs and hurts feel real. Kudos to Ms. Caine for being able to keep this series feeling fresh and leaving the reader looking forward to more. Fall of Night, the next-to-last book in the series, cannot get here fast enough!