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Sweet Talk (Buchanan-Renard #10)

Sweet Talk - Julie Garwood PJV Quickie: A nice mix of mystery and sexy: hot government agents, attempted murder, and the family from hell make for an entertaining read.IRS agent Olivia Mackenzie was very sick as a child. Stuck in the hospital with an unknown disease for months at a time, she has an unbreakable bond with three other women who were in the experimental treatment ward at the same time. Since her family didn't come visit, these girls became her "real" family. Now an adult, Olivia loves her job with the IRS, in addition to her regular day work, they allow her to investigate her father's shady investment dealings in her off time. The IRS is making some cuts, though, and she's not sure how much longer she'll have a job. While at an interview with a potential employer, she gets hit on by the interviewer, attacked by his bodyguard, and inadvertently ruins an FBI sting operation. The plus side? Sexy FBI agent Grayson Kincaid...Grayson Kincaid has been working on catching Eric Jorguson red-handed; just when he thinks he might get something, his sting operation is suddenly compromised by a woman being interviewed by Jorgusen. In a fit of paranoia, Jorgusen attacks the woman, and Kincaid and his team must charge in and save the day. He is surprised at how attractive the woman is, and makes up excuses to stay and 'interview' her. After an attempt on Olivia's life and a smear campaign by her father's attorney, Kincaid knows she's in over her head...__________________Hmmm...where do I begin? Let's start with Olivia - she's a great heroine - overcame the odds to grow up and live a successful adult life, child advocate in her spare time, and is working on proving her father is a fraud. She worries her childhood illness will return and therefore won't let herself get close to a man. Grayson is a great hero - smart, kind, wealthy and sexy. He takes in his young nephew when his brother proves to be an awful dad. I liked Olivia and Grayson, just not together. I didn't really feel the spark. Yes, there is plenty of sexytime, but it didn't really 'flow'; they had undeniable attraction, they'd hook up for the best sex ever, then they'd be apart for days or weeks and when they got into the same room with each other - *BAM* sexytime. The pacing of their relationship felt off, if that makes sense.Olivia also has one of the most selfish, clueless families I've read in a long time. Her father's investment scheme was an interesting plotline and I couldn't decide if he was trying to kill Olivia or not. Her clueless mother and sister made things so much worse for Olivia that her friends were all she had to turn to. There was a plot line regarding one of her friends whose illness had come back, and I was interested in the budding relationship between Grayson's partner and one of Olivia's friends.So, in a weird twist for me, I enjoyed the suspense portion of Sweet Talk more than the romance portion - Go figure :) I think I'm going to back up and read Ms. Garwood's previous book, The Ideal Man; I am a huge fan of her historical romance, and am looking forward to jumping into her more contemporary stories.