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Devilishly Hot

Devilishly Hot - Kathy Love Annie Lou Riddle is living in the New York and has just decided to pack it in and go back to Mississippi when she gets a phone call that changes her life: HOT! magazine has just called to offer her her dream job.Fast forward three years and Annie is miserable; her boss is evil - no really, she's a demon. Annie sold her soul for 10 years of being Finola White's assistant. While the perks are great - fabulous apartment and great clothes, the downside is that if she can't please Finola and breaks her contract, Satan gets her soul.Detective Nick Rossi is investigating the disappearance of 21 people over a period of a few years. The only thing they all have in common? They all worked at HOT! Magazine. Nick is instantly attracted to Finola's beautiful assistant, but Finola is attracted to Nick. He knows something's not quite right, but can't figure out what it is, and can't get proof the magazine is responsible for the missing people.Now Annie's fighting her attraction to Nick and working like crazy to get Finola through Fashion Week without losing her soul in the process.My thoughts:Devilishly Hot reminded me of a paranormal Devil Wears Prada: Finola and Annie were definitely Miranda and Andy. However, where Andy would've just been fired, Annie would have lost her immortal soul by displeasing her boss. While Devilishly Hot was cute, it couldn't hold my attention. I couldn't reconcile good, kind Annie selling her soul for a job, no matter how fabulous. I just couldn't make that leap, and it prohibited me from enjoying the story because I kept waiting for an explanation of what could have possibly made her sell her soul, and it never really came.Nick was a good hero - masculine, possessive, kind and loving. I liked him with Annie and their HEA was a nice note to end on. While Finola and Satan were a bit caricature-ish, Finola's subordinate demon, Tristian, was a nice touch - I actually liked his character more than Fiona. To be honest, aside from Tristian the demons were a bit silly.All told, Devilishly Hot was a cute, light read, if a bit silly at times.