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Utterly Charming

Utterly Charming - Kristine Grayson Nora Barr is a young attorney who decided to open her own practice instead of joining a big law firm out of law school. Money's running short because she doesn't have a lot of clients, so when Aethelstan (Alex) Blackstone shows up in her building looking for an attorney, she agrees to talk to him. It turns out he's trying to contact a dear friend in a coma, but the friend's guardian won't let him near her. He is not related to this friend, nor does he have any sort of custody, so Nora tells him she can't help him and sends him on his way. A few days later, Nora gets a call from Alex's friend telling her he's in desperate need of an attorney and to come right away.What follows is a story about true love and what happens when you get what you think you want.My thoughts:I kept expecting this story follow Sleeping Beauty and that's not at all what happened....Nora is a tough attorney, even though she looks like a cheerleader. I like that she doesn't let anyone walk all over her - even magical beings who could turn her into a frog, lol. She's practical, except where Alex is concerned, something about him just keeps Nora off-center. But not so off-center that she doesn't continue to do what she thinks is right.Alex did not grow on me as much as he could have. His blind infatuation with Emma (the close friend in a coma), I think, in part was responsible for this - how can a romance grow and develop with Nora while he is pursuing Emma?I loved Alex's friend, Sancho - he was funny and vividly written; I loved the scenes he was involved in! Sancho was the kind of wise but irreverent secondary character who lights up the page.Utterly Charming was a fun, modern twist to a traditional fairy tale, full of magical characters learning to navigate life the 20th century. A cute, light read.