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Provoke Me (Unveiled, #2)

Provoke Me (Unveiled, #2) - Cari Quinn Kelly Crossman works in a small, independent bookstore chain. She loves her job, and she's good at it. She gets along pretty well with her co-workers, but her boss - oh! He's the stuff of fantasy. And she fantasizes quite a bit ;)Spencer Galvin lives and breathes the bookstore. He got his position through dubious means, but he's good at what he does and he has big plans for his career by maintaining his professionalism and continuing to do an outstanding job. That includes ignoring the hotness that is his employee, Kelly. When they both end up at a local sex club, sparks fly. As they begin their relationship, it's all about sex, but as things go forward it becomes more. But Spencer has a few work-related skeletons in his closet that prevent him from getting closer to Kelly, and Kelly must decide how much distance she'll allow Spencer to put between them, or if he's going to break her heart.My Thoughts:Wow. I really enjoyed Provoke Me. Usually, when I read "sex club", I roll my eyes. In Provoke Me, it worked - it was a good setting for these two to run into each other in a non-work environment. Their first meeting was so full of sexy tension I could almost feel it. Even though he was kind of an ass, I really liked Spencer - he was a decent guy who made some bad decisions and because of that swung in the complete opposite direction to being a very closed-type personality. And when he had too much bottled up, he let it out sexually. Kelly was a more free-spirited personality, more open and bluntly honest, and she makes Spencer absolutely crazy - in both a good and bad way, lol. Their differences in personality made for very good conflict throughout the book.Provoke me had a great combination of an emotional storyline, interesting characters, and hot sexy scenes: I loved Spencer and Kelly together - between his sexual procilvities and her willingness to try new things, Provoke Me steamed up my kindle screen!