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A Gentleman Never Tells

A Gentleman Never Tells - Amelia Grey Viscount Brentwood (Brent) is walking his mother's dog, Prissy, though Hyde Park when he runs into a beautiful young lady who is accompanied by an extremely large dog. They exchange a few words, and then - she kisses him!!! Before he knows what happened, her father and her fiancee's father are there, demanding to know how long they've been secretly meeting. Naturally Gabrielle's engagement is called off and Gabrielle's father, the Duke of Windergreen, demands that Brent marry her to salvage her honor. He threatens Brent's younger brothers' new shipping company if he does not comply. In the confusion, Prissy runs away.Lady Gabrielle just caught her younger sister kissing Gabrielle's fiancee! Distraught, she takes her mastiff, Brutus, for a walk through Hyde Park. She comes upon a gentleman walking a tiny dog, and after a few minutes, leans in and kisses him! She doesn't have explanation for her behavior, she was overcome with curiosity and kissed him, and she liked it. She's pleased she'll no longer have to wed her fiancee, but when her father informs her she'll be marrying Brent instead she is horrified - she doesn't want to be forced to marry.As Gabrielle works to convince Brent that he doesn't want to marry her, he realizes more and more that he does. Gabrielle wants a husband that wants her, not one that's being forced to marry her.My thoughts:A Gentleman Never Tells was adorable! I liked both Gabrielle and Brent, they were honorable characters without being saccharinely so. It was funny to watch their story unfold from each of their viewpoints, if only they would have communicated more with each other! The secondary storyline revolving around Prissy being missing was a nice diversion to get these two to spend time together. I liked that the H/H were both dog lovers.With respect to the secondary characters - they were a juicy bunch! Gabrielle's sister and ex-fiancee totally deserved each other; that's all I'm saying about that. Brent's younger twin brothers were rakish fun - I hope they each get a story. Gabrielle's aunt, who came down to visit for the-wedding-that-didn't-happen, is one of those characters who is insightful and fun. I hope now that she's in London she'll continue to try the Duke's patience!All in all, A Gentleman Never Tells is a sweet story featuring an adorable couple, their canine companions, a feisty pair of twins, and a mysterious pet thief.