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Love Story

Love Story - Jennifer Echols Erin Blackwell is a Kentucky horse-racing princess. Or rather, she was a princess, until she told her grandmother that she wanted to go to college to pursue her dream of becoming a novelist instead of majoring in business so she could come home and run the family farm. Now Erin is attending school on an academic scholarship, working jobs to support herself in New York City while she goes to school.Hunter Allen has been a fixture on Erin's grandmother's race horse farm since Erin and Hunter were both 12 years old. Hunter's father is a stable hand, and Hunter works in the stable too. Now Hunter is going to the same college to major in business and will become the heir to the farm.Erin figures they probably won't see much of each other, until he transfers into her creative writing class on the day she's written a story to share with the class about a young girl and her affair with a stable boy. Now she's afraid Hunter thinks she's in love with him, and worse, that he'll say something to the other students or the teacher that will affect her chances at an internship she desperately needs. Hunter promises he won't say anything, because he doesn't want his new friends to know he was a stable hand, but he's already spoken about it with his two roommates. Then, after a dorm party that both Erin and Hunter attend, Hunter's story for the class is about the party. In the story, he talks about both Erin and a girl he was with at the party. This leaves their friends (Hunter's roommates and Erin's roommates) speculating about Hunter and Erin's feelings for each other.My thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed Love Story! I love the idea of two people working out their histories through creative writing. Each story, while different, was an interesting and significant glimpse into their personal histories, showcasing how their relationship ended up the way it did. The way they each read into the subtext of the other's stories and reacted accordingly left me wanting to pitch in and help their friends get them together. I liked the background of the NYC college and their multicultural roommates; the cast of secondary characters were likeable and a good foil for the angst between Erin and Hunter. While more a Happy for Now rather than a Happily Ever After, I liked the way the ending showed promise for these two.I like Ms. Echols' style of writing and will be checking out her backlist.