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Dragon Bound (Elder Races Series #1)

Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison Quickie Review:Pia Giovanni is in trouble and she knows it. Under duress, she's just stolen from the most powerful dragon on the planet, and he's going to come searching from her. She knows her life is pretty much over, it's just a matter of when and how.Dragos Cuelebre is outraged - he cannot believe someone found his treasure, let alone was able to steal from it! He's got a few clues, and he plans to find this thief - not only because he wants to know how she did it, but because he can't get her scent out of his thoughts.My Quick Thoughts:OMG - this was such a fun, sexy read!! Dragos is such a fabulous Alpha male - very "You're mine, I must protect you", and Pia is an independent woman - very "Don't tell me what to do, I can take care of myself". Together they make sparks fly.Dragon Bound is about more than sexy dragon time though - we learn that the people behind Pia's initial foray into Dragos' treasure lair are quite unsavory and will do anything to cripple Dragos and his empire, and aren't afraid to use Pia and her special talents to achieve their goals. Pia also has a secret that she's been hiding her whole life, and when she finally shares her secret with Drago - Oh, it was a pretty sweet secret :)In addition to a fabulous hero and heroine, Ms. Harrison's secondary characters were interesting and I want to read more about them. I'm super-excited about the next book - Storm's Heart - which will center around Dragos' vivacious head of PR, Tricks, and one of his bodyguards, Tiago.My Rating: 4 1/2 stars!!