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Bound By Honor (Men of Honor #1)

Bound By Honor (Men of Honor #1) - S.E. Jakes I got 38% in before I decided not to continue. Tanner is an Army Ranger, who is going to see a Dom to honor the final request of a dying friend, Jesse. He feels guilty he couldn't save his Jesse's life, so he feels honor-bound to go. Damon Price was Jesse's boyfriend and still isn't over his death a year later. He's angry that Tanner has come and agrees to top him, and ends up humiliating him in front of the patrons of his BDSM club. He regrets his actions and goes to Tanner, asking for a second chance. Tanner agrees, then stands him up, but gets himself into trouble and Damon rescues him. They get together again but then Tanner leaves. For me, although the sex was very hot, the back and forth of "I'm sorry, let's try again *leaves*, I'm sorry, let's try again *leaves*" was too frustrating. And I thought Damon was a jerk. I couldn't get into the mystery that the author was working into the story because I was too annoyed with Damon and Tanner.This book got good reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, it just didn't work for me.