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The Return of Black Douglas

The Return of Black Douglas - Elaine Coffman 3 1/2 stars Twin sisters Isobella and Elisabeth Douglas are visiting Scotland after Isobella's broken engagement. The trip was supposed to be her honeymoon. She's sad about it and is complaining that there are no men like Mr. Darcy. The ghost of Black Douglas, a long-distant relative, hears her and decides to interfere, transporting Isobella (an archaeologist) and Elisabeth (a doctor) back to 16th century Scotland. Elisabeth is taken by the Maclean Clan, while Isobella is rescued by Alysandir Mackinnon.While waiting for Alistair to rescue her sister, she gets to know him better. She also meets his family, and takes an unexpected family member under her wing. Throughout it all, there's a ghost playing matchmaker between a headstrong 20th century archaeologist and a stubborn 16th century Clan Chief.My thoughts: I really enjoyed the story and wanted to give it a 4, but for me it did drag a bit in the middle. It was exciting at first - 20th century women suddenly transported back in time - and one gets stolen!!! But then, from the moment he rescued her (around ARC page 75) until they finally gave in to each other (ARC page 245), I kept waiting for something to happen - that's a lot of pages to wait (granted, it is a 415 page ARC); it seemed like they weren't doing anything to rescue Isabolla's sister, and Isabella didn't seem too concerned about it, which I found strange.Once things got going though, I loved it! You could tell they cared for each other but each had reasons not to open up and show how they really felt. Between Alysandir's inability to trust, or rather, to allow himself to trust Isobella, and her inability to give herself fully to him, the poor Ghost of Black Douglas had his hands full! When Isobella finally got frustrated and went to see her sister, I was thrilled; I liked her sister and was interested in what was going on over at the Maclean castle. Isobella's "adopting" of young Bradan was sweet - I was honestly a bit surprised at Alysandir's treatment of the child and was happy to see how things worked out.I'm not usually a fan of ghosts in stories, but I liked the ghost of Black Douglas - he was a big plot point but didn't have a big part, if that makes any sense.I really enjoyed the story and have already ordered the first book in the series, The Bride of Black Douglas. I am hoping Elisabeth's story is next...