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Tyler (The Secret Life of Cowboys, #1)

Tyler (The Secret Life of Cowboys, #1) - C.H. Admirand Tyler is the first book in The Secret Life of Cowboys series. I've recently discovered cowboy romance and was looking forward to reading Tyler:Tyler Garahan owns a ranch with his two brothers, Dylan and Jesse. Their mortgage is behind and they need to come up with money, quickly, or they'll lose the ranch. As the book opens, Tyler is answering a newspaper add for a hardworking man with a strong back. He thinks he's applying for a job stocking bar supplies, so he's surprised when the owner asks him to take off his shirt. Once he realizes he's applying to be a male stripper, he begins to back away...until they tell him how much money he'll be earning.Emily Langley and her cousin, Jolene, run The Lucky Star ladies' club. These ladies are red-headed and tough (and we are constantly reminded of both these facts throughout the book). They are fighting to keep the club running - the local preservation society doesn't want a ladies' club, they want an old-time saloon.It's instant attraction between Tyler and Emily, and when they get together the sexual sparks fly.My thoughts: I had a difficult time getting into Tyler (