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Safeword: Rainbow

Safeword Rainbow - Candace Blevins Vivian MacNeill is a professor working on her PhD. Her students would never guess that at night she's a regular at the local BDSM club. She's a sub, and she's just found the perfect Dom. Too bad he's gone after three days.Tyler Hastings is in town for three days, and he found the sub of his dreams. They were fabulous together, but he was only in town for those days and then gone with his job. He's never forgotten her...Three years later, Tyler is out of the CIA and headed home with his best friend, Mac. Mac's sister Vivian is home, helping care for their sick father. Once Tyler and Vivian realize who they are, they want to try being together. Tyler wants the Dom/sub relationship 24/7, but Vivian only wants it part-time, with "scenes" that have a definite beginning and end. Between trying to navigate a new relationship, working through their Dom/sub issues, and both of them starting new jobs in a new town, they have a lot to work through to try and find their HEA.My thoughts: Wow. When the author mentioned this book was a fairly intense BDSM, I thought to myself "bring it on". She did. And it was definitely out of my comfort zone. The story was interesting, and I really enjoyed the scenes where they were working out how to balance his desire for 24/7 vs. her desire for part-time Dom/sub. I liked that they both found unexpected pleasure in the compromise.What didn't work for me were the sex scenes. While I do enjoy light BDSM reads, the sex scenes in Safeword: Rainbow were pretty brutal. At several spots I was actually wincing while I read. I don't know if I can really call them sex scenes, as the sex was secondary to the pain. I also had difficulty with the the fact that he controlled her bathroom habits.If you enjoy hard-core BDSM reads, I would recommend Safeword: Rainbow. I enjoyed the storyline (minus the intense scenes) enough that I'm currently reading her next book, Safeword: Stormclouds (