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Game For Love (Bad Boys of Football, #3)

Game For Love (Bad Boys of Football, #3) - Bella Andre Anna Davis is a "good girl", she's a first-grade teacher, unmarried, and boring. She never does anything wild or crazy; she knows it, and her family and friends know it.Cole Taylor is a superstar football player who's grandmother's dying wish is to see him married and happy. On her deathbed, he tells her he's got a serious girlfriend and he'll bring her by the hospital so his grandmother can see how happy she is. Uh-oh, now what's he going to do?He sees Anna at a bar in Las Vegas (she's there for her sister's wedding), and he notices her because he says she's got a "halo". Anna is feeling the need to do something crazy, so when Cole comes on to her, then works her into a frenzy and asks her to marry him, quickie-style, in Vegas, she agrees. She doesn't even know his last name.From there it's phenomenal sex - he ties her up, he does her in the shower, he does her on the couch, the floor, and yes, even the bed. And even though they both know the wedding is a sham, they just can't get enough...I usually like "marriage of convenience" stories, but for me, Game for Love was a little too convenient. I could see that Anna might not know who the big football star is (I wouldn't), and that she might be wanting to do something crazy to prove to her friends and family that she's not boring and predictable. What I couldn't get behind was the "instant attraction". They went from "hello" to "how can I live without you" in a few hours. Anna jumped from shy and reserved to sex addict a little too quickly to be believable. And seriously, a huge football star gets married to a total stranger without a prenup?The sex, though, oh - the sex!! If you're specifically looking for a sexy read, Game for Love will fix all that ails you; Cole and Anna had "hot" in spades!