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The Assignment

The Assignment - Evangeline Anderson I'd heard a lot about this book in the past, and when I decided to do M/M Romance Month I knew this was one of the books I needed to read. I'm so glad I did; I loved it!First of all - that cover - so hot! It made it very easy to picture these two sexy cops as I read the story.The premise was simple - two straight cops going undercover at a gay resort to bust a drug ring, except one of the cops has been having sexual feelings for his partner. Nicholas Valenti is confused as to why he's been thinking about his partner, Sean O'Brian, in a possessive way, and he's sure taking this undercover assignment at the RamJack is a bad idea - what if Sean figures it out?O'Brian is ready to take on the assignment, he's a touchy-feely guy already, always has been, and Valenti knows that trait will come in handy on this job. They meet with a friend of a friend for some "gay training" and Valenti likes it; he knows he's in soooo much trouble on this assignment.Once they're at the resort, things start happening all at once - security notices them and they've got to be convincing. Things start to get out of hand and they're pushed into situations they wouldn't have otherwise have been in, setting off a chain of events that could ruin their friendship, and their careers.My thoughts: Loved it! I liked Valenti and O'Brien - Valenti was so paranoid and O'Brien was so easy-going - they made a great pair. The "friends to lovers" and "gay for you" mixed with the "undercover cop/drug bust" story lines worked for me, and the sexy scenes were hot, but not excessive. A couple of times I thought "that wouldn't happen", but easily let it go to enjoy the rest of the book; I think it was mostly due to the length of the story that things had to hurry along a bit.The Assignment would be a good read for both beginner and experienced readers of M/M Romance - I definitely recommend it!!