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Offside Pass (Blue Line Hockey)

Offside Pass  - Stephani Hecht Offside Pass is the story of Devon, a hot hockey player who's been relegated to playing in the bottom of the barrel hockey league, and Saul, a sports reporter who knows nothing about sports...Devon and two of his three brothers are hockey players who are constantly brawling on the ice. Devon's twin brother Chad is straight (and married), and their baby brother Trey is also gay. The fourth brother, Brock, is a drug addict who is estranged from the family. We learn he was also a hockey player until he was injured.As the story opens, Devon, Chad, and Trey are headed into the arena of the newest team they've just been traded to. The team is last in the league and the arena looks like it hasn't seen maintenance in years. When they started out, the brothers were hockey superstars, but there was an incident that has caused them to spiral downward to where they are now - their last chance.Saul has just taken a job as a sports reporter for the local newspaper, the only problem is he doesn't know anything about sports! He falls for Devon - hard. Devon is attracted but tries to stay away because Saul is a reporter and he can't risk the family secret getting out. But Saul knows something's not right, does a little investigating, and pieces the story together.Offside Pass was a quick, sweet read. I'm not used to short stories, so the pacing was a bit fast for me, but within the story the romance between Saul and Devon was tender and simmered through most of the story, culminating in a hot, steamy release. I loved that the big hockey player was so affected by Saul. I also liked Devon's brothers, Trey and Chad, and hope Trey's story is next. The brother's constant brawling was pretty entertaining, and I liked the hockey players as they got used to the brothers and started winning games.On a side note, this book could have used more editing - there were quite a few typos.