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The Werewolf Upstairs

The Werewolf Upstairs - Ashlyn Chase I love these covers! I'm not normally a fan of cartoony covers, but these are adorable. I hope they stick with them throughout the series.Now, on to the story: Roz Wells (say it out loud - you'll get it) is an attorney who's not happy with her chosen profession. She's a public defender but wants to do something different. She's moved into her best friend's recently-vacated apartment, and the first person she meets is uber-hunky Konrad Wolfensen.Konrad works for a security company in a less-than-typical capacity. After he's arrested for breaking and entering, he decides he wants to do something else with his life.Together they decide to figure out what they want to do instead of their chosen careers. The mishaps they experience are unbelievable! As they're working their way through career choices, they decide to help another resident of the apartment building. Konrad is falsley accused of a crime and Roz must delve into a past Konrad has tried to forget.Roz and Konrad are adorable. Konrad is a little boneheaded at times but he's got a good heart :) I really enjoyed reading their adventures - they did stuff I'd actually enjoy doing with my own husband! Ms. Chase writes a great combination of Contemporary and Paranormal romance - upbeat and fun with just the right amount of weird. I am loving getting to know the quirky residents of this apartment building and I can't wait to see who's story is next!