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Highland Master

Highland Master - Amanda Scott Although I've seen her name on the shelves at my local bookstore, this was actually my first Amanda Scott read. I've been in a highlander state of mind and with a title like "Highland Master" I couldn't resist ;) In the afterward, Ms. Scott tells us the book was based on an actual Scottish legend!Catriona Mackintosh is a young highland lady, smart and spunky and full of life. She's wandering through the forest one morning and comes across an injured stranger. She comes to his aid and brings him to her home to recover more fully. As it turns out, he is traveling to see her grandfather, The Mackintosh, who happens to be visiting her family's home.Sir Finlagh Cameron, Fin of the Battles, is a man of honor. As the sole survivor of a bloody Clan battle, he made a vow to his dying father for vengence. He's been sent by the future King of Scotland on an errand, and it just so happens the man he seeks vengence upon is the son of The Mackintosh and Catriona's father.Highland Master was an agreeable read - I'm going to be honest and say I didn't get all the political maneuverings that were going on in the book, some of it I ended up skimming over. The character-driven part of the story, however, was riveting! Catriona's free spirit and Fin's more conservative one were at odds with each other despite their attraction; oh, Fin spent so much time with his jaw clenched! He was a bit bossy for my taste, but for that time period I suppose that wasn't unusual. Highland Master also had a mysterious friendship between supposed enemies, a scorned suitor, a Duke who spent most of his time being led around by his penis, and a threat to the castle; all of which combined to make a pleasurable read. I will certainly be checking out Ms. Scott's backlist.