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Wolf Fever

Wolf Fever - Terry Spear Carol Woods sees the future - and she's a werewolf. She's not a natural born werewolf - she was attacked 5 months ago and turned. Since then, she's been fighting the change (successfully so far) and Darien, her pack leader, is concerned. She's fighting the change because she's been having visions of some of the men in her pack shifting into wolves and not being able to shift back. In addition to trying to convince her to shift, Darien is also trying to convince her to take a mate, as females are a precious commodity and he doesn't want her attacked and/or stolen.Ryan McKinley is a former cop, now a PI, who assisted Darien's pack a few months ago with a problem they were having. Since then he hasn't been able to get Carol off his mind - he doesn't believe her visions are real. So he's back on Darien's turf to figure out how Carol figured out the clues to his case.When Carol is almost kidnapped, she hires Ryan to be her bodyguard. He agrees, and that's where things start to really heat up. The attraction is definitely there, but Carol can't be with someone who doesn't believe in her "talent", and Ryan needs a mate who can embrace her wolf. Then, Carol's visions come true and the wolves can't shift back and the pack looks to her to find a cure.My thoughts: I really enjoy reading Terry Spear's wolves; she is very good at making the wolf come across in their human counterparts. I love her Alpha males, and even though she was a new wolf, Carol was such a stubborn Alpha female, it was fun to see the Beta males trying (unsuccessfully) to win her affections. The social hiearchy of the packs was also well-done; although not the hero of this story, Darien was a great Alpha leader who was willing to work with another Alpha to resolve his problems. The sickness plot was interesting - biological warfare within werewolf packs is a novel storyline and it worked here, providing a dose of urgency to the story.I'm looking forward to the next book in this series - Heart of the Highland Wolf.