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The Redhead Revealed

The Redhead Revealed - Alice Clayton I think my love for the first book in this series, The Unidentified Redhead, is well-documented. I told myself I wouldn't read The Redhead Revealed until I did my review for the first book, but I just couldn't wait - I had to know what happened next with this crazy couple ;) The Redhead Revealed is just as awesome as the first book!*SPOILERS FOR BOOK 1, THE UNIDENTIFIED REDHEAD*When The Redhead Revealed opens, Grace is in New York, and she's excited to be there but sad Jack is back in L.A. She is trying to settle in and her old love interest, Michael - who is also her producer - is there to help her acclimate. She and Jack talk and text all the time, but she still misses him horribly. She sees him in the gossip magazines, which doesn't help. He's off doing promo for his new movie, and is able to get some time in New York to visit Grace. They reconnect, but it's hard when they're trying to hide their relationship from the paparazzi. And Michael's acting jealous...Things come to a head when Grace flies to LA for Jack's film premiere. She decides she's too old for Jack and if she wants kids (she doesn't think she does but is suddenly not so sure) she needs to do it soon. Jack is too young and his career is too new for kids, right? So maybe it's time to finish this before anyone gets hurt; except it's way too late for that.My thoughts: Loved it!!! Ms. Clayton has a really great writing style that showcases the emotions of the characters without being overly descriptive. When Grace and her friends are gossiping, I feel like I'm sitting right there, gossiping along with them. The Redhead Revealed also gave us a closer view into Grace's insecurities, and as a woman who's no longer in her 20s, I can appreciate where she's coming from. And Grace and Jack - *fans self* the sexy scenes between them are superfirehot!!! I still think Jack is pretty awesome (Fine. I have a huge crush on sexy Jack Hamilton. There - I said it.), and he's perfect for Grace. The time they were apart tore my heart out.I need Ms. Clayton to write faster, I'm entirely too vested in these characters and have got to know what's coming next! I thought about Grace and Jack at times when I wasn't actually reading the book, which to me is a proof positive that it's an awesome story.