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The Taming of the Wolf

The Taming of the Wolf - Lydia Dare After finishing the last book in this series, The Wolf Next Door, I didn't think I'd like the hero or heroine in The Taming of the Wolf. I'll admit it - I was wrong - Lydia Dare does it again! I think you know I'm a huge fan of this series, and this book did not disappoint; this is my 2nd favorite book in the series (A Certain Wolfish Charm is still my fave).The story: While wandering the Westfield's castle, unable to sleep, Caitlin Macleod wanders into the study to find her book. She knows she must stay in the house because it is a full moon, and the Lycan family she is staying with has impressed upon her that it is safer that way.Unbeknownst to her, someone is in the study - Dashiel Thorpe, Earl of Brimsworth. Dash is also a Lycan, although he has an unpleasant history with the Westfield family, and they are holding him in the study until they can decide what to do with him. Dash is immediately attracted to Cait, and kisses her...then bites her! She runs off and he's confused about why he just did that. Long story short, he claimed her! He's got to convince her to marry him or he will be alone the rest of his life until one of them dies.Cait is a witch who sees the future of the people around her. She didn't want her best friend and fellow witch to marry a Lycan, and she certainly is not interested in this Lycan for herself. But he calms her, and when she touches him she gets a reprieve from all the future images that constantly bombard her when she's around people. And she did enjoy that kiss....My thoughts: Loved it! Dash had such a sad history, he didn't know he was a Lycan until just a few days before this book takes place, he thought he was a monster. I felt sympathy for him and he was so sweet and vulnerable underneath that Alpha demeanor. (And he growls alot - yum!) Cait was stubborn and witchy - I laughed when she tricked him into drinking a sleep draught :)There's a not-quite love triangle going on. Alec McQuarrie is still pursuing Cait, even though she's told him he's not in her future he refuses to give up. Dash and Alec butt heads a few times, and Cait just rolls her eyes. And when Dash and Cait get to Scotland and another suitor comes out - poor Dash! I loved it! Also loved the book Cait picked up at the beginning of the story - poor Dash just can't catch a break, haha!So, in summary, great story, fun characters, sweet romance. What's not to love?