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The Unidentified Redhead (Redhead, #1)

The Unidentified Redhead (Redhead, #1) - Alice Clayton I thought long and hard (heh, heh, I said "long and hard") about doing a one-word review:*ZOMGILOVETHISBOOK!*Prepare for a squeefest: Grace was such a funny heroine, a real-world (not Real World) woman - she was funny and smart and realistic. She had insecurities, and her struggles to overcome them are part of why I love her. Her humor was so juvenile (see my "long and hard" reference above) and I loved every minute of it. There was not one bit of forced dialogue, the whole book flowed.Grace is a 33-year-old woman who has come back to L.A. to try acting again. She tried it when she was younger, but now she's older, wiser, and more confident. She's staying with her best friend and agent, Holly (who I also love), and meets Jack Hamilton at one of Holly's parties. He's 24, and right on the cusp of becoming Hollywood's Next Big Thing. They click, and hang out a bit, and end up dating. But can it work? Besides the 9-year difference, his career is just taking off and she's still trying to break into the business. I don't usually go for the older woman/younger man, but I loved this. The age difference was such a huge deal for her, and not at all for Jack.And Jack, oh Sweet Nuts, he totally made my Fictional Boyfriends list - he's sooo good. This kid is completely swoonworthy. Oh, and did I mention he's British? Yup, even better! He's so good for Grace, and I loved him for that, among other things *g*.The Unidentified Redhead is sprinkled liberally with lines like "The British are coming" and "That's what she said"; totally awesomesauce on a deliciously sexy bun (bum?). Speaking of awesomesauce, the lovin' is pretty hot; these two clicked in and out of the sack, and in the shower, and in the closet, and.... you get the picture.If you don't normally read Contemporaries, The Unidentified Redhead might change your mind. I'll leave you with this: This is the first book that's ever made me jealous of a fictional character's rack. *sigh* I covet Grace's boobies.