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L.A. Caveman

L.A. Caveman - Christina Crooks I love the "enemies to lovers" storyline and this one was very good. Stanna is a writer at a men's weekly magazine; she writes a "woman's view" column. She's on track to become editor, until suddenly there's a new owner and Ian, her editor and mentor, is fired. Jake, the new owner, calls her in to let her go as well, but he can't - Stanna has a contract. In lieu of firing her, Jake's intent is to make life miserable for Stanna so she'll quit. Stanna has no intention of going anywhere...From their opposing viewpoints to Jake's Neanderthal views about women, I was rooting for Stanna all the way. But that sizzle was there, and they both knew it. Once they agreed to disagree, Jake grew on me, and I started rooting for "them". Of course there were some misunderstandings they had to overcome, as well as their own stubbornness, to make things work.What I didn't like: I didn't like the villain. No - I know you're not supposed to like the villain, that's not what I mean. He was almost a caricature , I could picture him sitting in his elegantly appointed rooms, twirling his overly waxed mustache, plotting his next move. *spoiler: We never found out why he owed such a huge amount of money to the mob.*end spoiler I honestly felt like Ms. Crooks could have delved a bit more into his storyline and maybe made it a bit more believable. I also felt like her roommate's storyline didn't add anything at all to the story. I would have preferred more interaction between Jake and Stanna instead of skipping ahead weeks at a time.This was an interesting story that I wish would have gone a little deeper into the relationship dynamics between Jake and Stanna and less with the secondary characters. I do think that Jake and Stanna's hatred/passion for each other was great. The tension between them was so thick I could almost feel it while I was reading!