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Slave To Pleasure - Eliza Gayle As Slave to Pleasure opens, Nissa, a half-human fae, is at slave auction getting ready to be sold to the highest bidder. She's terrified: she's been stolen by her cousin and sold into sexual slavery even though she's inexperienced. What she really wanted was to be a hunter, but now her hopes of attaining that goal seem bleak.Roane and Erik, famed hunters, see her, want her, buy her. She runs away but eventually they find her, and agree to make a deal: If she will stay with them for seven days, they'll allow her to leave if she still wants to. She's sure she will, they're (pretty) sure she won't. She agrees to the deal when they tell her they can help her through her heat.From there on out - this book gets hot! There's m/m, m/f/m, some light bondage. It's a magical world with faeries, dragons, and demons, and when Eliza is kidnapped for her magic Roane and Erik think she left them again.I'm not very good with length distinctions (book length you naughty thing!) but I think this is a novella or short story. I know when books are not full-length that the story has to progress quicker than usual, so I was fine with that. What I didn't get was why the cousin kidnapped her and sold her when he was planning to turn around and kidnap her again later. Seems like he would have made less work for himself just kidnapping her once. They also talked a lot about D/s but I didn't really see that here.There are some issues Nissa has to overcome, promises are made, and the ending is sweet (and spicy!). Slave to Pleasure is definitely a very erotic fantasy read.