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Sin Undone (Demonica Series #5)

Sin Undone - Larissa Ione OMG - Larissa Ione is the Queen of Romantic Tension! This book was so freakin' good! Definitely my favorite book of the series!Sin is a wonderful heroine - tough-talking and definitely able to cash the checks her mouth writes - she is one kick-ass heroine. I liked her in the previous book, Ecstasy Unveiled, and was excited that she was getting her own book.And Con, *swoons*, oh, Con is completely sigh-worthy! The perfect blend of bad boy Alpha-type male with a tender heart on the inside (of course, he has to go through trial by fire to find that tender heart, but when he does....*swoons again*). And plenty of biting *winks* - very nice!Ms. Ione kept me on the edge of my seat throughout this book. First of all, there's the plague that Sin accidentally started in Ecstasy Unveiled. It's growing out of control and they can't seem to find a cure. I really, really felt bad for Sin. Soon she's being hunted by the Wargs, the Turneds, the Assassins, and a weird guy on horseback.And when Sin and Con got thrown together to try to find a cure - oh, the tension really sizzled. It went from "will they or won't they" to "more, more, more please!!!" Then, we learn about the dangers of a blood addiction for Con and it seems an insurmountable obstacle for them. Throw in his Clan's requirement that he join in for the mating season, and I just didn't see how these two were going to get their HEA. I think there were about four different points in this book where I thought to myself, "You've written yourself into a corner Ms. Ione, how are you going to fix this?" and wow, she really did!!!There was a secondary story with Con's co-worker, Luc, and another werewolf, Kar. At first I was a bit thrown off until I realized who they were; their story was sweet and tied in nicely with the main storyline. We also got to see quite a bit of Sin's four brothers, Eidolon, Shade, Wraith, and Lore, and their mates and children. It was good to see how everyone was doing and I enjoyed how protective they all were of Sin and each other.I loved this book! I heard this is the last book in the series, and if it is, what a way to go! A tip of the hat to you, Ms. Ione - bravo!