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And One Last Thing ...

And One Last Thing ... - Molly Harper I love Ms. Harper's "Nice Girls Don't" books. Her characters are fresh and funny with the paranormal twist thrown in to make them "keepers" for me. When I heard she was writing a contemporary I was thrilled. And One Last Thing... did not disappoint! I was drawn in from the first page and loved every minute I spent reading this book.The main characters were endearing and the kind of folks I'd love to hang out with in real life. Lacey Terwilliger is witty and funny, even in the face of the betrayal of their marriage vows by her husband. Her e-mail newsletter was hysterical and became one of those stories you have to look up on Snopes.com to see if it is really true. This was not a "woman scorned publicly embarasses her husband and makes him pay" kind of book. I mean, yeah, that did happen, but there was so much more. And One Last Thing... was snarky and smart and very well written. And the romance - Oh!!! Her hunky neighbor, Lefty Monroe is delicious. Monroe is just the right mix of aloof and adorable, sexy and sensible. The chemistry between Lacey and Monroe sizzles.Reading this book, I felt like I was there with Lacey, watching her work out her emotions and try to get past the pain of betrayal. I wanted to help her sort out her feelings for Monroe. I wanted to have drinks with her brother. I wanted to meet Monroe's parents. I wanted to tell off her cheating husband and his bimbo secretary (see, I'm still a little emotional!). Lacey and I could be besties, I just know it!!!This is exactly the kind of book that made me fall in love with Contemporary Romance. I found myself noting quotes of great scenes on almost every page. I'm currently looking at elementary schools for my kids in Ms. Harper's district so I can move in next door - yup, I've officially graduated from fangirl to stalker.