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Silver Borne (Mercy Thompson Series #5)

Silver Borne - Patricia Briggs Oh Mercy, Mercy, Mercy....I've already seen several reviews about this book, so I'm going to skip the chit-chat and jump right in to why I loved this book:Mercy and Adam: I loved how we got a bigger peek into their relationship; how Mercy was struggling with the new bond and Adam's continued understanding of her psychological reaction to certain events in previous books. His refusal to accept her apology had me smiling - he "gets" her. I absolutely LOVED the scene where Mercy finds the garland and rocks and rope. That scene completely melted my heart into a big ol' puddle of "awwwww!!!".Samuel: I've always liked his character and enjoyed seeing a different side of him in Silver Borne. I thought it was a great showcase of how deep his feelings for pack and family (especially towards Mercy) are. Also a great view into the wolf/man relationship.Bran: While Bran did not get a lot of page-time, that garland scene got me. I've always loved Bran's character, and this book is a perfect example of why I think he's so awesome.The Pack: Although we didn't see a lot of the characters I've gotten familiar with , some of my favorites were here: Warren and Ben are probably my two favorite pack members and I enjoyed them immensely. I love that Ms. Briggs writes a gay werewolf whose definining characteristic is not that he's gay. He's a great friend to Mercy and a kick-ass werewolf. And Ben has done a lot of growing since the beginning of the series, I think. I really like him and hope we continue to see more of him in future books. It was also interesting to see the pack dynamic with reference to female status within the pack. I'm thinking there may be some changes a'comin.The storyline: Ms. Briggs did a wonderful job hooking me in from the beginning. From the pack messing with Mercy to Samuel's accident to the mystery of the book, I devoured it all and read the whole book in a day.I have only two niggles: 1: I missed Stefan. Honestly, I don't know what he could have added to this particular story, but I did miss him. And 2: I'm not sure how I feel about Samuel's friend. If you've already read the story you know to whom I am referring. I'm hoping Ms. Briggs can bring me around on that character in future books.I wholeheartedly give Silver Borne 5 out of 5 stars!