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Slow Heat

Slow Heat  - Jill Shalvis I wasn't sure if I'd like this book, as I'm not a baseball fan (although I do know more about baseball than hockey), but it had gotten great reviews and I was looking for a good contemporary read when this arrived on my doorstep. This is apparently the 2nd book in a series. I did not read the first (I think it's Double Play?)Samantha McNead (Sam) is a PR whiz who works for a Major League Baseball team, the Santa Barbara Heat. Sam was born into baseball - her father was one of the owners of the team and her uncle was part owner of their sister team. Apparently her brother was also a PR rep but there was a scandal and he was forced to leave.Wade O'Riley is the team's catcher. He's got a bit of a reputation as a playboy, and there's been a scandal involving a woman with a false claim that she's pregnant with his child. The Heat's Powers That Be have decided Wade needs some good PR and Sam is enlisted to pose as his girlfriend for a month. What they don't know is Sam and Wade had one drunk night together that neither of them has forgotten.This story was fun. Wade was a easy-going, hungry guy who really seemed to be down-to-earth despite his fame. He was a very likeable hero. Sam was a bit more uptight, but you could tell she genuinely liked her job and cared about all the players. Her reasons for fighting a relationship with Wade were valid, but he sure was pesistent! I enjoyed Sam and Wade's interaction together - lots of sexual tension going on,, but there were some tender spots too that brougth out the "awww". I was frustrated with their misunderstandings about the nature of their relationship but I think that's what it's like in real life, so I got it. There were several laugh out loud moments.There were a few surprises for the main characters down the line that shook things up a bit; I liked Sam's nephew Tag, but didn't really see the point of Wade's father's storyline. I still don't get why he had to come see Wade - I don't think I'm giving up any big plotlines when I say it was weird he insisted he needed to be with Wade but ended up leaving anyway.Slow Heat was a fun, sexy read that kept me turning the pages; I really enjoyed it. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.