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It Happened One Night

It Happened One Night - Lisa Dale I'd seen a lot of buzz around the internet about this book and even though it's got a pregnancy plotline (which I usually RUN away from) I wanted to read it. I'm glad I did.Lana Biel co-owns a flower and seed store with her sister, Karin. Lana is a free spirit, she's always wanted to travel the world and plans to, as soon as her sister is settled in with her husband. Karin and her husband want a baby but so far have been unsuccessful in their atempts to conceive naturally. Lana's best friend Eli is a meteorite hunter and teacher; he travels often with his job. Eli loves Lana but hasn't told her - recently. Lana wants their friendship to stay platonic because she's afraid if they become romantically involved he'll eventually leave her and she doesn't think she could live without him.As the book opens, Lana is taking a home pregnancy test with Eli there for emotional support. Lena had been casually dating Ron but hadn't seen him in months - the last time they'd had sex, actually.From that point, the story goes back to the night Lana and Ron had sex, and the events leading up to the moment Lana takes the pregnancy test, which is positive. Lana is devastated - she doesn't want kids, she wants to travel. She knows she'll have to tell her sister, Karin, who is desperate for a child. Her relationship with Eli is becoming rocky, as he wants a romantic relationship and Lana keeps fighting it.This book has several twists that are heartbreaking yet hopeful. There are no easy answers for Lana, Eli, or Karin's problems. Ms. Dale does a very good job of showing each side of the story and I was unsure of the outcome until the end. There were a few slow spots involving Lana's father where I wished she'd move the plot along, but I really enjoyed this book and give it 4 stars.