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Shadow Music: A Novel

Shadow Music - Julie Garwood I picked up Shadow Music because I'd recently read The Bride and loved it. I figured I'd like this one too (plus, the cover was safe, no half nekkid people in a scandalous embrace on it). This was a great story. I think I have a soft spot for Highlanders, or maybe forced marriages, or ladies whose reputations have been ruined for no good reason. I'm seeing a pattern in all the Romance stories I've liked so far.Gabrielle's mother was a princess from St. Biel, and her father was an English Baron. St. Biel had a curious history; there was a story of lost gold, but no one knew if it was true.Gabrielle was a beautiful young woman, and to keep peace between England and Scotland, her king, John, had promised her to an older Laird of a Highland clan. Her dowry was to be a piece of land in Scotland that belonged to the king, but many clansman coveted this piece of land. As Gabrielle arrived at the Abbey where she was to be wed, she came upon a group of men preparing to murder another and ambush his kinsmen. Under cover of woods, she shot and killed the main attacker (with a bow and arrow!) and his co-conspirators ran. She rushed out and brought the injured man to the Abbey to be nursed back to health, but did not want anyone to know as she was not aware of the parties involved and didn't want to accidentally end up in the middle of a clan war. While at the Abbey her betrothed was murdered. There were two English Barons who had been fighting to marry her before the King gave her away and they each saw this as an opportunity marry her; however things went awry and Gabrielle was accused of being a whore and banished from England. The Baron's plan was to kidnap her while she had no protection, however, Gabrielle's cousin by marriage was there and knew the accusations were false. He convinced his friend, Laird Colm MacHugh to take Gabrielle under his protection and marry her. MacHugh did not want to do it but owed his friend a debt (favor, not money) and took her. He told her they would marry in 6 months so no one would wonder if any children were his. Of course he is very Alpha and expects her to follow his orders and she replies with "as you wish" and does whatever she wants. Oh, and the man whose life she saved turned out to be Colm's brother.There are many trials they must face, but they do fall in love. The king finds out about Gabrielle's banishment and the lies surrounding it and has new plans for Gabrielle. He sends a messenger to apologize and offer her the land back but she knows it's a trick. She quickly (and secretly) marries Colm and is therefore free of her obligation to follow the king's orders. But one of the Barons is not done with her, he wants the rumored gold and he knows Gabrielle knows where it is! So he kidnaps her! Of course, Gabrielle outsmarts him and gets a message to her husand who comes to save her.This was a really good book to read but hard to write about, there were so many twists and turns, it really kept my attention. I really liked the characters and rooted for them through the whole book. If Ms. Garwood's books all have such terrific characters and sexy Highlanders to boot, I think she has a new fan!I'm not sure about the title of the book, I don't know what it had to do with the story. It might be the sound Colm's sword makes before it strikes down his enemies.