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What Would Jane Austen Do?

What Would Jane Austen Do? - Laurie Brown Wow. I LOVED this book! I bought it with my birthday $$ (thanks J!) and had it in my TBR pile. I just kept putting it off, picking other books to read. It just wasn't "calling" me. I mean, I wanted to read it - I bought it. But I couldn't make myself pick it up. I should know by now those are the ones that I end up loving....WWJAD? is about a woman named Emmaline who was visiting England (was supposed to be her wedding but he broke it off and she decided to go anyway) and staying at a quaint hotel that she had stayed in two years previously. There is a Regency Fair and she is a costume designer who brought some of her dresses to show. Her reservation gets lost and she ends up in the "haunted room"...it has ghosts. She doesn't believe in ghosts and just wants a room so she can get some sleep before she has to work the fair in the morning. A pair of ghosts (sisters) wake her and tell her they need her to go back in time to the early 1800's to right a wrong and stop her brother from challenging a duel to defend their honor; apparently they were involved with a "rake". Emmaline thinks she is dreaming and agrees so they'll leave her alone and she can go back to sleep. She wakes up in the past! They think she is the cousin they were expecting from America and welcome her. There are adventures, espionage, romance....the characters are fun and her interaction with Mr. Shermont....oh, Mr. Shermont! I loved them together! I'll definately be keeping this one to re-read in the future!