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Face the Fire

Face the Fire - Nora Roberts Face the Fire, the third book in the trilogy, is Mia's story. Mia has lived on the island her whole life. As a teenager, she and Sam Logan. 11 years ago, Sam left the island and broke her heart; she never got over it. Now he's back, and Mia must decide if she can open her heart and forgive him or continue to make the mistakes her ancestor made. I've gotta be honest, this was my least favorite of the three books. I liked Mia in the first two books, but found her irritating in this one. When the evil that is trying to fulfill the curse attacks her friends and family Mia gets upset when they don't tell her, but she doesn't tell them when it attacks her! They all know she is the last to face the challenge, and that she will need the strength of the three, but still she fights any offers of help. This book I felt kind of dragged towards the finish. The finish was good but came so fast you almost missed it.