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Heart of the Wolf

Heart of the Wolf - Terry Spear Heart of the Wolf was an entertaining story of Bella, a red wolf, who ran away from the grey wolf pack that adopted her as a child to avoid being forcibly taken by the Alpha, Volan. She successfully lives alone for decades, until she accidentally gets caught in wolf form and taken to a zoo to breed with a real red wolf! Her childhood crush from her pack, Devlyn, comes to rescue her and take her back to Volan. But Devlyn wants her just as bad as she wants him. Add to that the problem of a local wolf killing humans, and the local pack realizing she's been living in their area, unmated. Good story, lots of action and romance. My only complaint was that they seemed to take a lot of naps. I kid you not, Bella and Devlyn probably napped at least a dozen times in this book!