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To Tempt the Wolf

To Tempt the Wolf - Terry Spear To Tempt the Wolf, did not disappoint. Tessa is a human nature photographer who specializes in photographs of wolves. Her brother has just gone to prison for a crime he says he didn't commit. Hunter is a pack Alpha who has just fled his area with his siter due to forest fires and relocated at his uncles home. The rest of his pack did not follow, but went to Portland instead to "get a taste of city life". He comes home from an errand and his sister is gone and he can smell three male wolves. He sets out after them, and next thing the reader knows, his naked body is discovered on the icy beach by Tessa. Garret cannot remember anything other than his first name. Garret is attracted to Tessa, although she's a human, there's something different about her. When they get to her house, they realize someone broke in while she was out, Garret can tell it's a wolf, and the wolf rolled around in her bed. This book had a couple of mysteries going on at the same time: Trying to free Tessa's brother, figuring out what happened to Garret's sister, trying to track down Tessa's stalker, and what to do about Garet's wayward pack. It was fast-paced and enjoyable. Ms. Spear introduced some character that were unlikeable at first but soon became an enjoyable part of the story, and reintroduced some peripheral characters from previous books (although you can read this as a stand-alone).