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Manwhore +1 by Katy Evans


PJV Quickie: At the end of Manwhore, I absolutely could not wait for Manwhore +1. While I did enjoy reading about Rachel and Saint again, Manwhore +1 missed the spark of uncertainty and anticipation that I loved in the first book.



When we left Rachel Livingston at the end of Manwhore, her life was in a shambles: She had just been exposed for doing a secret article on one of Chicago’s hottest bachelors – Malcolm Saint. The problem was, she had fallen in love with him and was pretty sure he had fallen for her as well. After the story blew up, he wouldn’t return her calls or e-mails. Until now. Now he wants her…to work for him. Rachel doesn’t want to work for Saint, though, she wants things to be like they were before. But while she’s trying to make things right with Saint, things are not as great as she thought they would be at Edge, the magazine she works for.




I waited, very impatiently, for Manwhore +1. I absolutely loved Manwhore and talked it up to anyone who would listen. Unfortunately, Manwhore +1 left me wanting more, and not in a good way. While I still love Rachel and Saint, Manwhore +1 just kind of meandered across the page. There’s really no conflict in Manwhore +1, and sometimes that’s okay if the relationship is carrying the story, but in this case I didn’t really feel that the relationship was moving the story forward either. The plot is very loosely defined; mostly just Rachel obsessing over Saint, and sex. Lots of sex. I can’t believe I’m saying a book needs more plot/less sex, but there it is. We already know from book 1 that Malcolm is all that and a bag of chips (probably some very expensive gourmet brand), so I felt like in book 2 all of Rachel’s internal fawning over him was overkill. And there was a lot of fawning. I thought there might be some conflict regarding someone trying to buy out her magazine, but it’s established early on that Rachel is unhappy there and it seems like she should be leaving anyway. Her job hunt felt very 50-shades-esque with Saint knowing all the editors she interviewed for and offering to “put in a good word for her”, all the while she’s refusing to work for him. Without going into spoilers, I felt that the whole job drama didn’t really make any sense and didn’t really make any sense from the “villain’s” point of view.


I realize this all sounds like I hated Manwhore +1, but that’s not true. Katy Evans writes great prose but I feel like in this case it got lost in a wandering story. Several times I’d re-read a sentence just because I liked how it sounded in my head. And I still sigh whenever I think about “dibs”. I do want to see what’s next for Rachel and Saint – I will definitely be reading Ms. Manwhore; I’m hoping Manwhore +1 is just a bridge to the rest of their story.


I’m also wondering if we’re going to get a Gina/Tahoe story? It seems to be building up to it, and I would absolutely be interested in their story.



If you read and enjoyed the first book, Manwhore, I’d recommend this next installment. Fans of Sylvia Day, Emma Chase, or J. Kenner may enjoy Manwhore +1.