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Romancing the TV: Netflix's Sense8

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PJV Quickie:

I realize I am late to the party, but OMG have you seen this show? My teenaged daughter was encouraging me to watch (more on that below) and I kept hearing about it on twitter. I'm not a big fan of television, so when I finally got around to it I wasn't expecting to be wowed, but I really, really was: I've watched 9 out of 12 episodes in the last 3 days.




As I mentioned above in the PJV Quickie, I don't watch a lot of television - I'd prefer to read.  But at the insistence of my daughter, and the praise it was getting on twitter, I decided to watch the first episode. I loved it!  The characters are diverse and dynamic and the premise is vague enough that I'm not sure what the end-game is but I'm interested enough to want to know.  I've got three episodes left and I'm impatiently holding off watching them until my husband and son catch up :)  


sense8 - 3


There are eight Sensates in a pod (No, they're no aliens. At least I don't think so).  Our main characters (with help from Wikipedia because I couldn't remember all their names) are:


  • Riley Blue is living in London but is originally from Iceland.  She's currently a popular DJ but has a run-in with unsavory characters.
  • Wolfgang Bogdanow is in Berlin.  He is a locksmith and expert safe-cracker. He is involved with the mob in some way, although I don't think he wants to be. 
  • Capheus (I don't know if we know his last name) is a van driver in Kenya.  He is a huge Jean-Claude Van Damme fan and his bus is called "Van Damn".  His mother is dying of AIDS and he will do whatever it takes to buy medicine for her.
  • Kala Dandekar is a pharmacist and Hindu in India who is engaged to another (rich) pharmacist but she does not love him. Her family is thrilled with the match.
  • Nomi Marks is a trans woman living in San Francisco with her girlfriend, Amanita.  Nomi is also a 'reformed' computer hacker who had been in trouble with the government in the past.
  • Lito Rodriguez is a popular action-movie hero actor in Mexico. He is a closeted homosexual living with his boyfriend but uses actresses as 'beards'.
  • Sun Bak works for her father's pharmaceutical company in Seoul.  Her father is cold and prefers her brother.  Sun also participates in underground kickboxing fights and is very, very good at it.
  • Will Gorski is a second generation Chicago police officer.  He's wondering if all the strange things happening to him are related to an old unsolved crime.


Each of the Sensates has a vision of a woman (Daryl Hannah) dying violently.  They then begin seeing themselves either with the other Sensates, or as the other Sensates.   No one understands what's going on and they each think they're hallucinating, until pieces start falling into place.  There are rules to how it works. There is a villain, I think his name is "Whispers" but I'm not sure. He is trying to eradicate all Sensates. There is another Sensate, Jonas, who is trying to help. 




The story is spread out and follows each character separately, but together.  I know that doesn't make sense but it will once you start watching.  One thing I love about this show is that as each episodes moves forward, my favorite character changes.  Each character is getting multiple chances to shine and make an impact on the viewer.  


Be warned though (I wasn't) that there is quite a bit of sexy stuff. From the used strap-on in the first episode to the orgy in the 6th episode, I wish I had realized it before my teen watched it.  The sex is pretty graphic. (My daughter assures me the sexy stuff was 'gross' and she forwarded through it because she figured it wasn't relevant to the plot.  I really, really hope that's true.)




That being said, I like the loving relationships portrayed by Nomi and Amanita and Lito and Hector.  There are some characters who have "Daddy Issues", but Capheus' relationship with his mother, and Riley's relationship with her father are heartwarming. Sense8 has a nice mix of paranormal, conspiracy theories, and relationships.  I can't wait to watch the last three episodes and am already wondering what's in store for Season 2.  Netflix has a winner on its hands in Sense8.


Recommendation: I don't watch enough television to say what other shows might be similar to Sense8, it reminds me of the TV show Heroes. But sexier. Much, much sexier. If you like shows with a paranormal storyline, I highly recommend Sense8; there's enough going on that it doesn't get boring.



Are you watching Sense8? What do you think?



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