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I wanted to like it but...

Falling Into You  - Jasinda Wilder

The first half was good, I was near tears when Kyle died. Then, the second half went completely off the rails. The writing style and overall feel of the story was different; I don't know if this was the author's intent, but it didn't work.


I think the author tried to pile too many qualities into Colton - country boy who moves to NYC with only the clothes on his back and becomes an MMA fighter, former gang member, owns his own garage, is a sensitive guitar player, and a pseudo-dominant in the bedroom.


There were also some inconsistencies in the second half: things like he took off her pants when he put her in bed, then later she says she took off her pants before going to bed; and another scene where he rips off her thong then later she's getting dressed and looking for her panties. Little things, but they stood out for me.


Lastly, I don't know exactly how to address their first sexual encounter but it was wrong. Like, illegally wrong.


So, while it had potential to be a great read, ultimately it fell flat for me.