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Wicked Sexy Liar - Christina Lauren

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PJV Quickie:I am a huge fan of Christina Lauren's Wild Seasons series and each time a new book comes out I swear that it's my favorite. It's happened again - I adored the back-and-forth between Luke and London and they're my new favorite couple in the series!



London Hughes has a plan for her life - not to have a plan.  She's happy surfing, bartending, and hanging out with her friends.  She's done the whole "in love" thing, and gotten her heart broken in the process.  Now she keeps her heart firmly protected from ever getting hurt again.  An off day sends her into the path of sexy Luke Sutter - she never dates the customers, but one tiny exception to her rule won't hurt anything, right?


Luke Sutter has earned reputation as a man-whore since his breakup with Mia years ago.  He and Mia had been childhood sweethearts, so when they broke up he kind of went overboard, which hasn't been a problem, until London.  Now that he wants a relationship, he's fallen for the one girl who doesn't want anything serious, and she won't take him seriously because of his reputation.


As Luke and London form a friendship "with benefits", things start to get complicated (as things tend to do) when Luke wants more and London doesn't know if she has more to give.  Toss her new-ish friendship with Mia into the mix and things go from complicated to impossible.




Ohhhhh... I loved Luke and London's story. It's flirtatious and charming but also HOT, although that's not what kept me reading.  I love how Christina Lauren writes their characters so fully, as you read along you feel like you're with them, chatting at the bar or worrying over other characters' reactions. I felt like I knew these people, and their happiness was important to me.


The story was character-driven and the dialogue was wonderful.  Their journey to happiness was full of self-inflicted road blocks, and they both had to work hard to get to their HEA.  There were moments where I wanted to choke each of them, and other moments where I *may* have been a bit swoony.  There were a few spots where I felt frustrated with the characters inability to move forward, but overall I loved the story.


Addendum: I am in love with Not-Joe's character; he's such a pleasant surprise. More please!



If you're already a Christina Lauren fan, you know you can't miss an installment to this series.  If you haven't read their books before, Wicked Sexy Liar could be read as a stand-alone, but you may get confused about some of the group dynamics that carry the story.  Start with Book 1 - Sweet Filthy Boy.


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