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The Fifth Avenue Trilogy by Maisey Yates, Caitlin Crews, and Kate Hewitt

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PJV Quickie: The Fifth Avenue Trilogy is an interesting concept in storytelling: 3 books, 3 authors, 1 story arc spanning the length of the 3 books.  I liked how each book had a different "feel" to it, not just a different couple as main characters.


 Review: This trilogy is the story of 3 friends, Austin, Hunter, and Alex, who want to avenge the death of their good friend, Sarah, who committed suicide 10 years ago. Each book is told from the POV of one of the men, and they are told in a (mostly) continuous timeline, with each main character accomplishing one part of the plot to bring down the man responsible for Sarah's suicide.


I had a hard time getting into the first book, Avenge Me, mostly because I didn't feel like the main characters, Austin and Katy, had any chemistry.  I don't know if this is because Ms. Yates had the burden of setting up the back-story, or if I just truly didn't like the characters.   I felt like some of Austin's actions were almost the same as his father's actions, arranging things so that she had no choice but to move in with him; it didn't sit well with me and I don't think the end justified the means.  I will say that Ms. Yates set up Austin's father, Jason, as a truly skeevy, detestable villain.


The second book, Scandalize Me, I think is my favorite of the three books.  Hunter is an ex-football star who used to date Sarah and feels responsible for not seeing what was happening to her before she killed herself.  Zoe was one of Jason's victims, but she was able to buy her freedom, such as it is.  She's planning revenge and Hunter is part of her plan.  I really liked Zoe and Hunter; they were both so broken from the events in their past and their growth together was sad at times but also hopeful. By the time I got to the end I was waiting almost gleefully for Jason Treffen's comeuppance.


Expose Me, the last book in the trilogy, provided a solid ending to the story.  I liked Alex and Chelsea: their romance was not pretty - it was fearful and hesitant but ultimately, strong enough to overcome all the obstacles they each had put in place to avoid being hurt.  I knew how things were going to play out with Chelsea and Jason Treffen, but it was so satisfying to read it happen.  My only complaint is that there wasn't an epilogue to tell us what happened long-term.


Ultimately, even though it got off to a slow start for me, I thought the Fifth Avenue Trilogy was an engaging read and I'm hoping Harlequin will do another series using this 3-book/3-author set up.


Recommendations: Each couple in this series is so different, I think the series will appear to many readers.  They do all have this in common though: if you like your heroes alpha, your heroines tough, and a romance-focused story, I'd recommend picking these up.


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