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Lead by Kylie Scott

Lead - Kylie Scott
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PJV Quickie: There is a reason Kylie Scott is an auto-buy author for me, and Lead continues her run of spectacular storytelling. I wasn't sure I wanted to read Jimmy's story - he was such a jerk in the last book.  I should have known better... I was hooked from the first page!  Great characters, an addictive story and smokin' hot sexy times all resulted in my staying up until 3am so I could finish this book in one sitting.


Review: I didn't think I was going to like Jimmy and Lena's story, but I really, really did. Jimmy is definitely an anti-hero: he's a recovering addict, selfish, rude, and an all-around jerk-face.  He keeps his emotions under a tight lock and has forgotten where he put the key.  He's met his match in Lena, though: she's loyal, dedicated, and stubborn.  What she's not is the kind of girl to take any guff from Jimmy - he's fired her several times and yet, she's still there!  The sexual tension between these two simmers throughout most of the book, occasionally boiling over until Jimmy does or says something stupid, cooling things off, and then BAM! it's hot all over again.  Jimmy knows Lena's something special, but it's not until she tries to leave that Jimmy starts to realize there might be something extra-special about her- something he doesn't want walking out of his life...


There's not really any external conflict in this story, it's more character-driven and I think that's why, even though Jimmy is such a jerk, the story moves along and we start to see what Lena sees in him and *maybe* fall a little bit in love with him.  Both characters have strong personalities but somehow, when they're together, it works.  I found their back-and-forth verbal sparring adorable and loved how everyone could see that they belonged together, even as Jimmy fought it as hard as he could (he was exceptionally clueless on this point).


There's not a lot of "rock-star" stuff going on in Lead; yes there's practice and fans and stuff, but it's more focused on Jimmy staying sober and his relationship with Lena and his band-mates.  The end was a little too quick and "neat" for my taste, which is the only reason Lead is getting 4 1/2 stars and not 5 from me.  Even so, I closed the book with a smile on my face and can't wait to get back into this world that Ms. Scott has created; I will be counting the days until book 4, Deep, is available.


Recommendations: I would definitely recommend reading the first two books in the series, Lick and Play, before you read Lead.  There are a lot of characters running around these books and it may be difficult to figure out who's who.  Trust me, you will not regret starting with book 1 - this is a really fun, sexy series and as soon as you put down one book you'll be reaching for the next.


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