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Hillbilly Rock Star by Lorelei James

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PJV Quickie: While I was introduced to Lorelei James' seductive brand of cowboy in her Rough Riders series, it's her Blacktop Cowboys that steal my heart. I was a little nervous going into Hillbilly Rockstar, since the hero of the story didn't actually do any ranching, but I shouldn't have worried - Lorelei James writes some sexy, sexy cowboys!


Review: Whenever I'm in the mood to read some hard-working, good-looking, fun-loving cowboys, I know exactly which author to turn to - Lorelei James.  In looking at my ratings for this series, I've given each of the previous books 4 stars.  In her Blacktop Cowboys series, she's created a world in Muddy Gap, Wyoming that is full of sympathetic characters whose stories are irresistibly readable and I enjoy going back to visit with each new book.


Hillbilly Rockstar pairs two unlikely characters:  Liberty Masterson, a former soldier who now works for an elite security company as a bodyguard, and Devin McClain, a country-music superstar who is having some security issues on tour.  When a member of his crew is attacked on his personal tour bus, Liberty is called in to go undercover as his "assistant". Devin doesn't want a bodyguard, and Liberty doesn't want to guard Devin, but her boss makes an offer she can't refuse.


I liked Liberty in that she was confident and brash and doesn't put up with stupidity. She works hard and has goals.  One thing that sort of stuck around in the back of my mind though, was the fact that she dated her superior officer in the army and then she dated her charge (Devin) as a security guard; I don't have any sort of medical degree but this seems to be self-destructive behavior to me.


That being said, I really enjoyed reading these two interact and build trust between them. Their scenes together were sexy and fun. The mystery was a bit predictable, but for me the romantic interaction between Liberty and Devin made up for it. Both characters are stubborn and have issues that can't be avoided while they're spending so much time together in the isolated world of a music tour; they start off antagonistic towards each other, but that animosity turns to lust and then genuine affection.


Recommendations: If you're looking for an entertaining Cowboy Romance, look no further than Lorelei James - great characters, steamy love scenes, and interesting storylines make her books hard to put down.


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