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Conversion by S.C. Stephens

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PJV Quickie: Conversion is probably one of the strangest books I've read in a while:  there was quite a bit of WTF happening, yet I couldn't stop reading.


Review: I was a fan of Ms. Stephens' Thoughtless series, so when I saw she had written a vampire series I was very interested.  I knew going into it that it would be different, but what I got was totally unexpected:


The two main characters, Emma and Teren, have a meet-cute and the attraction is instant. They quickly get into a relationship but Teren seems to be taking it slowly... until he accidentally pricks her lip while they're kissing.  She takes the news that he's "sort of" a vampire pretty well.  I enjoyed the twist on traditional vampire lore. Then it gets weird.  They visit his family and secrets are revealed; things are not as happy-go-lucky as Teren has led her to believe.  Emma must make some pretty momentous decisions, and she doesn't have a big window of time to make them in.  Then it gets weirder.  I'm not going into spoilers, but it felt like I was reading a category romance with a paranormal twist.  Just as I'm thinking I know what's going to happen, a villain pops up out of nowhere with a weak premise.


There were some funny bits, but even so the story itself kind of dragged in spots; it definitely could have been shortened and the plot would not have suffered.  Throw in a self-centered best friend, a horribly scarred sister, and a really sweet ending, and you end up with a book that left me wondering what the heck I just read... and looking up the next book.  I have issues, I know.


Recommendations: If you're looking for a vampire tale that's a little different and not too dark, you might enjoy Conversion.  It's lighter than traditional vampire lore, not dark and broody, and the hero is pretty likable.


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