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The Best Kind of Trouble by Lauren Dane

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The Best Kind of Trouble is the kind of book you take your time with, savoring each word and page like expensive chocolate because you don't want it to end too soon.  Then, like that expensive chocolate, the taste of it lingers for you to enjoy after it's done.



I'm going to start this review with a quote from my review of LUSH, the 3rd book in Ms.Dane's Delicious series:

"Family is a theme that imbues all of Ms. Dane’s novels: Not just the family you’re born with but the family you build for yourself."

Lauren Dane does what she does best in The Best Kind of Trouble, she writes strong characters, strong relationships, and gorgeous sex scenes.  Sometimes, for me, her characters are a little bit too strong, to the point they seem selfish or uncompromising, but in The Best Kind of Trouble she gets it just right. Soooo right:


Natalie Clayton is a small-town librarian who has worked hard to escape her past. Growing up as the child of an addict, where she had been exposed to so many horrible situations that were left for her to clean up after, the most important thing in her life is having control.  Because of that, when she bumps into rock star Paddy Hurley on her way to work she pretends they don't have a history and walks away.


Paddy Hurley is getting coffee and sees a beautiful woman in line ahead of him. She looks familiar, and he realizes she is the girl whom he had a really hot, unforgettable two-week long fling with before his band became famous.  He can't figure out why she is pretending she doesn't recognize him; there's no way she could have forgotten their time together.



Reading Natalie and Paddy navigate her past and the way it's shaped her adult life, Paddy's rock-star lifestyle, his family, her family, and their relationship was beautiful and painful, hopeful and pleasurable.  Both Natalie and Paddy had triggers and their journey to happiness could only have been written this well by Lauren Dane.


The secondary characters have a life of their own (I'm in book-love with Paddy's parents) and I cannot wait for the next book in the series, Broken Open, which will be Ezra and Tuesday's story, coming in late November.


Recommendations: If you've read Lauren Dane's Brown Family series, this is a great spin-off and a must-not-miss.  Fans of Victoria Dahl will want to give The Best Kind of Trouble a try. I would also recommend for fans of second-chance love, librarians, rock-star romance, and small-town romance.


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